What we do

Our Values

We believe that each child is uniquely precious to God and uniquely gifted by Him and is able through His grace to have a meaningful relationship with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that the education of children is a shared responsibility amongst parents, church and school and that the best outcomes for the child and society are when these three share a common mission for our children.

We desire that each child is equipped to stand up for what is right, to have compassion for the marginalised and to make a positive contribution to society both now and in their future lives.

We believe that all wisdom and understanding comes from God and that academic, social, moral and physical development only reach their true value when set in the context of understanding God and His world.

Our Practice

  1. We encourage parents to actively partner with the school by giving time to assist in school activities, from listening to readers to cleaning cupboards. 

  2. With each lesson we teach whether Maths, French or P.E. we endeavour to introduce a heart concept that enables our children to see the subject and therefore the world through God’s eyes. 
  3. We seek to provide a secure and loving environment where each child and each participating family feels valued and a part of our school community. 
  4. We encourage the pursuit of excellence in all areas but consider effort and the resulting progress as the higher prize. 
  5. We encourage each child to grow in their relationship with God through prayer, worship and acts of service. 
  6. We actively encourage each child to act with compassion within the school, within their home communities and within the world at large - in order that they might be a blessing both here and amongst the nations. 
  7. We seek to develop in each child a sense of God’s purpose and calling on their lives in order that they may participate in God’s mission to see the knowledge of His glory filling the earth. (Habakkuk 2v14)