What is Christian education?

A Christ-centred education in which each child is encouraged and enabled to develop their God-given gifts and achieve their full potential. All subjects are taught from a Christian view point and have a Christian learning objective as well as an academic one. We encourage children to have a strong character knowing right from wrong, and to have compassion, respect and tolerance for others in order that they make a positive impact on society and find fulfilment in relationship with God.


Do you have to go Church to go to the school?

The school is looking to work in close partnership with parents and the important question is ‘are parents fully committed to the values of the school?’ Anyone who is happy to work with the school in upholding its ethos as a Christian School is welcome to apply to send their children here.


Do you follow the National Curriculum?

Emmanuel School follows a curriculum that is in line with the national curriculum and taught from a clearly Christian perspective.


What are the academic results like?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we encourage all our children to reach their full potential and this is reflected in our results. SATs are taken in Key Stage 1 and 2 and whilst we don’t ‘coach’ our children these are a consistent marker (against national norms) that shows our dedication to the academic as well as the spiritual and emotional development of the children.





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