Peripatetic teaching

At Emmanuel we like to develop the children’s creative ability as well as their academic abilities. Being a small school all the children take part in our end of term celebrations through readings, poems, or songs. The children also have the opportunity to extend their skills in drama as they all have the opportunity to perform in our school plays. 


music | instruments & choir

We are able to offer various instrumental lessons to children from Year 2, including brass (trumpet, french horn, etc.) flute, clarinet, and recorder. The children enjoy the focussed challenge of working towards music medals and grade exams and their ability to balance creativity with discipline is impressive. 

We also have a school choir that sings at festivals and in competitions throughout Derbyshire. 

Children are encouraged to get involved in learning instruments and to join the school choir to enhance their skills. The staff are supportive and encouraging, creating regular opportunities for the children to perform in ensembles and as soloists. The children set themselves high standards and their confidence and maturity in performance is striking. 




We have an after school dance club for any children from year 2 up. Dance club runs every week for an hour and is a great source of fun and enjoyment. The club is run by Mrs Ringer who is a qualified dance teacher specialising in contemporary dance.

Children are encouraged to perform choreographed pieces at end of term awards ceremonies and at Christmas and Easter shows. 

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Keeping healthy is important and at Emmanuel we like the children to develop skills which they can transfer to a variety of sports. 

In the Autumn we develop ball skills (passing, marking, scoring etc.) through football, rugby, netball and hockey. The children sometimes also go to the Queens Leisure centre for a term and have swimming lessons, as well as to Derby City Gym where the children have trampoline lessons and gymnastics. 

During the summer term we use local recreation grounds for athletics and rounders. The skills they learn through PE, good sportsmanship and abiding by rules, working together are all invaluable for later life.