The Emmanuel Family

Emmanuel School is more than just a place for children to be educated during the day it is also about partnering with parents and carers in bringing up their children. The children love it when their parents/carers come into school…...and so do we! Our prayer times and family assemblies are a key part of the life of the school. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with school, from hearing readers to going on a Parenting Course, please ask us for more information. 

We are aware how busy life can be, so we aim to keep extra meetings to a minimum but we do ask that you make every effort to attend or you may miss important information about the school and your child. 



All children bring and eat a packed lunch. We recommend they have at least sandwiches, a piece of fruit, drink and cereal bar. We have a nut free policy. 



Each day usually starts with an assembly, which is varied, instructive and fun! At 12.15pm the children eat their packed lunches together in the hall and then, weather permitting, have 30 minutes to enjoy fresh air and exercise. The younger children also have a break in the afternoon. 

Once a term we have a family assembly that parents and family are welcome to attend. These can be found in the school calendar.



Children from Reception upwards are assigned to groups each containing children from the whole age range. Children meet in their groups for an assembly once a week and engage in some joint activities each term. The groups also compete against each other in sports and other activities. 

These groups foster a sense of family - encouraging attitudes of servanthood, care for others, personal responsibility as well as some healthy competition! 

Our school family groups are called: 



The School Council is an elected body made up of children from each year group (except Nursery). The council discusses everyday issues, suggestions from classmates and ideas regarding life at Emmanuel. 

The children on the School Council with the assistance of the Deputy Head, engage children in their year group to discuss and submit requests they have and submit them to the Headmaster. For example, the children wanted an end of term disco. A disco was arranged and the children had an excellent time - deciding on the music, decorations, theme and other details surrounding the event. The School Council can also take part in the interview process during staff recruitment.